May 25th meeting update

• This was our 7th Meeting and a great turnout for our group at The Queens. Thanks to Chris and great staff at the Queens for their amazing hospitality.

• To date, excluding this month’s donation, The Guys That Give have donated over $45,000 to local charities – Amazing work fellas!! That is over $45,000 in just 6 hours!!!

This is outstanding and you guys should be very proud!

• On Wednesday, we heard from The David Busby Center, Chron’s and Colitis foundation and Hospice Simcoe.

The majority vote went to Hospice Simcoe. You can find out more about this amazing compassionate care facility at

Great work guys!!!!

A note from Lynda from Hospice Simcoe:

Again, a huge thank you to each of the ‘guys’ for choosing Hospice Simcoe as their charity of choice this round.

Six years ago, when we opened the house, we were given some used furniture for our lobby. Things wear out pretty quickly in a 24 hour facility and it is now time to replace it. The generous gift from the Guys that Give will do that for us and, there will be enough left over to pay our Rogers cable bill for almost a year. We heard from families pretty early on that it was important to have the sports channel package in each bedroom, so that increased our cable costs and to have assistance with that is amazing.

Thanks to the Guys that Give for ‘giving local’.

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