September Meeting update


We had an great turnout for our 20th Meeting . Thanks to Jim Payetta and the great staff at the BMC for their amazing hospitality – GO COLTS GO!

Thank you to all those who were able to attend. If you couldn’t make it and haven’t sent in your payment for Thursday’s meeting, please do so right away to avoid being put on the dreaded Guys That “Didn’t” Give List.

  • It’s super easy! If you still haven’t paid, you can:
  • 1. Go to
  • 2. Click on “make a donation”
  • 3. Submit your $101. Automatic service charge of $3.50 is included.
  • 4. Or…deliver a cheque made out to Guys That Give.

To date, the Guys That Give have donated over $190,000 to local charities…and with this donation we’ll hit a milestone $200,000!!! Congratulations!

  • On Thursday, Ken Dumond, Mark Klementi and Doug Roberts introduced us to 3 great local charities.
  • We heard fantastic and moving presentations from CNIB, Big Brothers Big Sisters and Street Cats Rescue. The majority vote went to CNIB.
  • We’d love to get the cheque to CNIB as soon as possible, so please get your $101 to me asap so we can quickly turn it into $10,000.
  • • 3 names in attendance were drawn to choose charities for the next meeting. You must be in attendance to have your name drawn.
  • • Next meeting will be the last week of November.
  • We’ve also been invited to come out to support the Gals That Give for their 1 year anniversary on Thursday September 19th, 7PM at Kensington Burger Bar on Dunlop Street. Hope you can make it out!
  • Thanks Guys! You Rock!

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