September Meeting update

Hi Guys!

Thank you to all those who were able to attend. If you couldn’t make it and haven’t sent in your payment for Wednesday’s meeting, please do so right away to avoid being put on the dreaded Guys That “Didn’t” Give List.

It’s now even easier!

If you still haven’t paid, you can:

1. Go to
2. Click on “make a donation”
3. Submit your $101. Automatic service charge of $3.50 is included.
4. Or…deliver a cheque made out to Guys That Give.


This was our 12th Meeting and a fun one at Tangle Creek Golf and Country Club! Thanks again to Richard and the staff at Tangle for the great hospitality. To date, excluding this month’s donation, The Guys That Give have donated over $100,000 to local charities – Amazing work fellas!! That is over $100,000 in just 11 hours!!!

On Wednesday, we heard 3 great presentations from Community Wellness Center, YMCA of Simcoe Muskoka and KC’s Cancer Cushion Fund. The majority vote went to KC’s Cancer Cushion Fund. Since 2007, KC's Cancer Cushion Fund has been providing financial assistance to Cancer Warriors.

We’d love to get the cheque to them as soon as possible, so please get your $101 to me asap so we can quickly turn it into $10,000. We do have over 100 guys. We decided any monies over the $10,000 donation will be split evenly between to the 2 other presenting charity groups.

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