May 2017

Another great turnout! Thank you to all those who were able to attend. If you couldn’t make it and haven’t sent in your payment for last night’s donation, please do so right away to avoid being put on the dreaded Guys That “Didn’t” Give List

• This was our 11th Meeting and a fun one at Michael and Marions! Thanks again to Steamwhistle, Georgian Bay Vodka Smash, and of course Kent Smith, Chef Chris Pyne, Stefanie and Carrie for the great hospitality.

• To date, excluding this month’s donation, The Guys That Give have donated over $84,000 to local charities – Amazing work fellas!! That is over $84,000 in just 10 hours!!!

This is outstanding and you guys should be very proud!

• On Wednesday, we heard 2 great presentations from Salvation Army, and Zach Makes Tracks. The majority vote went to Zach Makes Tracks - . Zach is running from Barrie to Ottawa to raise awareness and funds for YOUTH MENTAL HEALTH, ALL Proceeds go directly to the RVH Youth Mental Health

-Next meeting will be held at the end of August.

You guys are awesome

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