Charity Nominations

Eligible recipients must be a charity or organization located in Simcoe County.

We are looking to help those that have little or no government funding. We do typically have all registered charities but if your choice is not a registered charity please let us know as soon as possible so this can be approved for consideration. If approved, it is important to let the other Guys know that a tax receipt will not be issued in the event your non-registered charity is chosen.

Each charity will have 5 minutes to present their cause and each spokesperson must be specific as to where the donation will be allocated within their organization. The winning charity is responsible for providing the tax receipt to each individual member for their donation. Organizations not selected are eligible to be nominated again.

  • Each organization is welcome to stay for all nominee presentations or they are free to go. Once the presentations are complete the charities will be asked to leave the meeting. Members will then vote and the winning charity will be informed the following day.
  • Ties will be decided by further votes. If a tie persists, the members will vote to either randomly select one of the tied organizations by draw or divide the group donation equally between the tied organizations.
  • No part of the donations provided from Guys that Give is to be used for administrative costs.
  • If your organization is not selected, it will be eligible to be nominated at a future meeting.
  • A representative from your charity must attend the meeting to present their cause.

Submit Your Nomination

At each event, three (3) members are invited to nominate a local charitable / non-profit organization of their choice to make a presentation at our next meeting. Guys That Give members may submit their charity nominations via the form below.

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